Fantine Galerie d’Art

Furn el Hayek
Lebanon St.
(71) 807.130

Mon-Fri: 10am-1:30pm
Closed on Saturday and Sunday

The gallery
Born in 1979 in Lourdes, France, Fantine Samaha is a self-taught painter from a French mother and a Lebanese father. After spending her childhood in Germany she returned with her family to Lebanon and stayed there until 1989, when the Lebanese war led her family into exile to France. She grew up in L’Oise northern Paris and didn’t come back to Lebanon for more than twenty years. In 2009, she decided to return back to her country of origin Lebanon. In search for her identity, between music, writing and her professional projects, painting became an evidence, the only answer. A passion that will grow up and take shape around the symbolisms of shadows and light. She constantly plays with this combination by painting or drawing on black backgrounds. One of her favorite subjects is her love for animals. She looks for details and uses realism in her work and often represents her subjects with a recognized look and posture. Primarily working in acrylic, she then begun to create her paintings using oil. Her last solo exhibition took place at Villa Paradiso – Batroun – in April 2018. Today, Fantine aims to exhibit abroad to present her work to a larger international audience.

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