Fine arts in Lebanon
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Publisher & Editor
Ramzi El Hafez
Magazine design
Issam Azar
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Hamra Street – Piccadilly Center – 2nd floor
P.O. Box 11-4355 Beirut, Lebanon
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Gallery is for the young collector, the occasional art buyer, the regular art lover. It is focused solely on the art scene inside Lebanon, its local and non-local artists. Beirut’s art ecosystem is blossoming, with galleries mushrooming, auctions multiplying, plenty of new artists emerging, forgotten art being rediscovered, and new collections being born. Museums are being planned or renovated, and private collections are being opened to the public.

Gallery magazine focuses on local developments in visual arts, keeps readers informed about events and trends, and offers tips on art acquisition, collecting, and preservation. Gallery does not present artistic critique or academic narratives. Instead, it aims to bring art into homes and artists to people. It publicizes exhibitions and events so they become accessible to the widest possible audience.

Gallery is a platform for all members of the local art family. It is an advocate of the fine arts, and collaborates with all elements of the art world in Lebanon to help it grow.